In the tranquility of a sauna your mind relaxes and body invigorates

Bathing in a real smoke sauna is a unique experience. According to Finnish traditions it takes a good while and a lot of devotion to heat up a smoke sauna. This results in a mellow and relaxing steam, quite unlike than anything you have experienced before. It is said that a smoke sauna is not for those in a hurry, as you should enjoy bathing for a good while.

At Saunan Rauha, our steam room fits comfortably 6 to 8 people at the time. Linen towels and birch whisk brings back memories of the past and create a unique Finnish sauna experience. Modern dressing-, washing- and toilet premises are situated in the same building for your convenience. Spacious outdoor terrace is perfect for you to cool off and enjoy refreshments or just have a moment for yourself to relax.

In the garden you will also find a pond that originates from a spring, so you can have a swim all  year round. In summer the water that springs from the depths of the Earth keeps the pond nice and cool. In the winter you can enjoy an invigorating ice-swimming that makes your blood circulate and refreshes your body and soul. Warmly recommended!

Our service includes heating, towels, bench covers, shampoos and shower gels etc.

You are welcome to take your time at the sauna as there is no time limit, we only take one group a day!

Ask for quote.

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